5 Cupcake decoration tips for every newbie baker

Do you love eating cupcakes? But do you know what is more enjoyable than eating a cupcake? Decorating your own cupcake!

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you get a ready-made cupcake or a home baked one, the most important and fun part of a cupcake is the icing on the top. There are so many different ways to decorate your cupcake and making it more delicious.

Here are a few creative ways in which you can garnish your cupcakes and turn them into the most appetizing cupcakes ever.

Chocolate Art

Chocolate is one of the most popular decorations, its ability to take numerous forms only makes it more preferable and fun. You can either put chocolate shavings on your cupcake or you can make some chocolate toys and add it on the top of your cupcake.

You can also make chocolate drawings and use it as a decoration. Chocolate drawings can be made in two ways: By using a stencil and making a 2D picture on your cupcake or melting your chocolate and then hardening it into a desired shape and then garnishing your cupcake with this 3D drawing.

The possibilities are endless. Just get out your favorite chocolate and think.


One of the simplest and easiest ways to decorate your cupcake is to sprinkle small chocolate or candy flakes on your cupcakes. But not only that, you can also sprinkle coffee grounds or grated nuts on your cupcake which will help in balancing out the sweetness while providing it with a new look.

Don’t limit yourself, you can sprinkle anything small and edible. You can grate marshmallows and sprinkle them on the top or you can use small jelly beans and sprinkle them on your cupcakes.

Use your creativity and find out what all small, edible stuff you can sprinkle on your cupcake to make it more colorful and delicious.

Fresh Fruits

Another great way of garnishing your cupcake is taking fresh fruits and cutting them up into small pieces to add as the topping.

Use a fruit which you have used in the cupcake too. So if you have a strawberry cupcake, add thin slices of strawberry pieces at the top.

Or if it is a pineapple cake, then you can top up the cupcake with pineapple pieces. Use different angles and experiment with the setup and you are bound to achieve an amazing result.


Candy toppings are evergreen and add a little spice and appeal to your cupcakes. Whether you use big Christmas candies or small M&Ms, candies are one of the surest ways to make your cupcake look beautiful and taste delicious.

You can also take up chocolate bars and toffees and slice them up and decorate your cupcake with those pieces.


Everyone loves cookies. So when you add cookies on top of your cupcakes, it is bound to make your cupcake more delicious and attractive.

You can either decorate your cupcake with a whole cookie or you can cut your cookies into small attractive pieces and then use them as toppings. You can also add a little chocolate or strawberry sauce to make it more delicious and godly looking.


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