5 ways baking changed the way we think

While baking can provide you with numerous tasty treats and comfort foods, that is not all it does. According to various sources from the mental health section, it has been found that baking can have therapeutic value for you and can help you cope with depression or other mental health problems. Baking is known to provide you with comfort and can make you happier when performed regularly. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I always knew that food is the secret to our never-ending misery.

Here are a few ways in which baking can help us with our mental health:

Keeps away the negative thoughts

Baking is one of the best ways to clear your mind of all thoughts and ideas and just focus on the task at hand. This meditative quality of baking makes it helpful in keeping you calm and away from all negative thoughts. As you perform the simple tasks of whisking eggs and weighing out butter, sugar, etc., your mind focuses on these simple, repetitive tasks and you are taken away from any sort of bad thoughts which you were previously accustomed to.

Makes us feel good

Once you start baking dishes, you use all your energy for it and bake with a single-minded focus. So once you start enjoying the process and just let your basic senses take over, you start feeling good about the whole process. The smell and the sound of delicious food items overwhelm your senses and lead to the production of feel-good endorphins. So, next time when you are feeling a little sad, just take out your baking tools and make yourself feel good again in just a few minutes.

Nourishing feels good

Any activity which leads to the nourishment of your own or others is bound to make you feel good. So when you bake food and put all your love and attention into it to make it delicious, you will feel satisfied for having produced such an amazing outcome. Moreover, when others will eat your baked food, they might give you little notes of encouragement which in turn will feel good and make you happier.

Creativity helps your mental health

Baking requires you to put a little of your own creativity and spend some time to perfect the art of baking. When you decorate your baked foods with new, creative ideas or when you figure out creative ways to make the same baked food, it is bound to improve your mental health. Psychologists have found that creative thinking tends to produce a happier being, so be creative and make elaborate icing and toppings for your baked food from now on.

Making others happy

It is a well-known fact that when you make others happy, you, in turn, end up being happier. So when you bake those delectable food items and give it away to your near and dear ones, it is sure to make your loved ones happy which in turn will leave you happy and smiling. Basically, it is a sure shot way to keep everyone happy around you, including yourself.

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