Kitchen Faucet types every baker should know about

Irrespective of the equipment you use or the technique you employ every baker will agree the kitchen tends to a mess post every bake isn’t it? Cleaning is tedious, tiring and often hated but it need not be that bad. Forget optimising your baking process, it’s time to rev up the cleaning and if you have right faucet it’s going to be a whole lot easier.

Since there are so many varieties available in so many finishes. How do you choose one to keep your spick and span?

There are mainly six types of kitchen faucets:

Pull Out Faucets

This faucet is particularly popular for kitchen sinks which lack space and can come very handy during those days when you have too many dishes to wash post a bake. It just has a single handle which can be used to adjust the water pressure which makes it easy for a single hand use.

Another great advantage of this faucet is that you can move its head in a 360 degree swivel which makes it easy to fill the utensils with water, away from the sink, when there are too many utensils.

Pull Down Faucets

Another popular kitchen faucet with similar design as the pull-out faucet with just one variation, you cannot move the faucet spout from sink to the countertop but you can pull it downward which can prove useful if you have a deep sink.

Commercial/Fusion Style Faucets

Although previously these faucets were much more common in restaurants and hotels, these faucets have now become quite popular in the common households too.

With its high pressure pull out spray and super high arc, it is easier and quicker to clean with this faucet. It is also found to be more durable and adds a certain attractiveness to your kitchen.

Separate Spray

A perfect faucet for those who don’t wish that their faucet comes with an all-in-one capabilities, this faucet provides you with a separate sprayer which you can use to clean with great ease.

It makes your life a whole lot easier as you can easily rinse your baking trays, bowl etc.

Although these faucets use old system and might end up losing their balance after sometime or hang after years of use or might display some other anomaly, it’s dirt cheap price makes it a popular faucet choice for many people.

Motion Detection/Touchless

Faucet system has advanced now and this faucet is the perfect example of that. These battery operated faucets are easy to use and make it easier to clean your utensils, all you have to do is just wave your hand in front of the motion sensing chips. HomeGuyd has some amazing recommendations on these, make sure to check it out if you’re planning to get one.

Just bring your bowls and trays in front of the faucet and it will auto activate, allowing you to clean your dishes without any additional effort. This is a growing technology and in future will provide these products at a cheaper price than now and you should definitely look out for it.

Two Handle Faucets

The last but not the least is our traditional faucet types. These faucets have been here since a while now and will continue to remain so.

With their two handles you can easily control the hot water and cold water separately which makes it easier to use for most people. It might not give you superior controls as a single handle faucet, but if you are looking to adjust your hot and cold water separately, then this is the faucet for you.


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