5 Cake baking tips no one’s telling you

Who doesn’t like a cake? Cakes are the most magical and delicious desserts ever, more so when they have been perfectly baked and topped with thick and delectable frosting.

But while cakes taste delicious, it can be a little hard to achieve the perfect baked cake. It requires hard work and patience and just a few tiny tricks.

So here are a few secrets to baking the best cake ever, just follow this and you would become the Cake MasterChef in no time at all:

Use high-quality ingredients

I think this one is a no-brainer, good quality ingredients will always provide you with a high-quality output too. Unless you are using the best ingredients for your cake, there is really no point in baking one, is there? Your cake requires your love and effort and you can only show that by using good ingredients and taking sufficient amount of time to ready the batter.

If you try to rush the whole process with substitutes, you are bound to get the same kind of cake too. So get fresh and high-quality ingredients. Make sure your spices are freshly ground and your flavors are purely extracted. Make sure your eggs, butter, flour, etc. are of the best quality, only then you would end up with a perfect cake.

Weigh your ingredients correctly

Not many people know this but the proper ratio is the secret to a great cooking. So when you decide to bake a cake, make sure you measure each and every ingredient accurately and put the correct amount of ingredients only.

Don’t over add something because that might just alter the perfect flavor of your cake. Always stick to the measurements.

Keep your ingredients at room temperature

One of the most common mistakes that people tend to do while the baking of a cake is not letting ingredients come to room temperature before using them.

The secret of a perfectly baked cake is its ingredients, if you use the perfect ingredients then you will end up with a perfect cake and that includes using ingredients which are at the perfect temperature.

Too often people use cold eggs or butter for their cake, don’t do that. Let your eggs, butter, etc. first come down to room temperature and then use it. This would make your job easier and allow the ingredients to mix well and smoothly.

Keep your cake in the middle of the oven

If you want your cake to bake perfectly from every side, then make sure that you place your pan in the center of the oven without touching the sides. This would ensure that the whole cake receive proper heat and there is air circulation between the different sides.

Your cake requires an even amount of heat for the whole surface to bake evenly otherwise, you would end up with one part as baked and another part as unbaked and we don’t want that now, do we?

Know your oven

This is another thing which doesn’t require instructions but make sure you have a good-quality oven at your house. An oven plays a major role in determining how your cake is going to turn out so if you have one, make sure that it can bake cakes.

Learn all the controls and on which temperature your cake will bake perfectly.

Different ovens have different settings and so different temperature and timing to get the perfect cake. Make sure you know all this stuff.

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