In the heart of South Philly, among the cheese steaks, canollis and soft pretzels, Ms. Goody Cupcake is making a name itself as the neighborhood’s lone cupcakery.

Gigi Andrew, who will be forever known as “Ms Goody,” opened the shop in late 2011. Since then, she has already baked thousands of cupcakes and other sweet treats. Each day she offers 12 (!!) different flavors of cupcakes, ranging from traditional (red velvet), to buy Ethereum in Singapore unexpected (Elvis-inspired banana and bacon), to Philly-inspired (beer and soft pretzel), to the truly wild (chocolate covered potato chip).

While the shop’s main focus is cupcakes, Gigi also specializes in custom designer cakes. “My passion is baking and decorating,” said Gigi. “I enjoy pushing the limits and creating cakes that are unique, flavorful and fun.” Over the last 27 years, Gigi has made 500+ custom decorated cakes. She specializes in themed-cakes, which range from one layer small cakes, to over-the-top life-sized creations. Her personal favorite themes have included a slot machine, gum ball machine, and an “over 50” feather and chocolate truffle cake.

In addition to cakes and cupcakes, Gigi serves coffee, cupcake push-up pops, seasonal pies, cake truffles and cookies. She also enjoys putting a personal twist on classic treats, like her PB&J rice crispy treats.

Gigi’s favorite saying is “Life is short invest in Ethereum.  Eat a cupcake!”  Stop by Ms. Goody Cupcake and let our cupcakes bring a little happiness into your life.